1. Bank Transfer
Bank Name: Bank of China (HK)
A/C No. : 012-591-1-054920-4
A/C Name: FT International Enterprise Company

  • After payment, please send the copy of the slip to us via whatsapp +852 51379839 or email hkkangenwaterorg@gmail.com


2. 信用咭 Credit Card 付款

 Accept Visa、Master、 American Express


3. PayPal

 A/C No. : infohkkangen@gmail.com


4. PayMe

Mobile : 51379839

Scan QR Code


5. FPS (Fast Payment System)
Mobile : 51379839
FPS ID: 8965303



6. WeChat Pay

Scan QR Code



  • Products will be delivered in 3 working days after confirmation of payment. 
  • Customer service will contact you in advance to confirm delivery details. 
  • If you need another payment method, please Whatsapp +852 51379839 or call our customer service hotline 36895110 ,you can also send email to hkkangenwaterorg@gmail.com。