Anespa DX


Enjoy the soothing feeling of being in a Hot Spring Resort everyday! Take pleasure in the relaxing effects of ANESPA-DX’s mineral-ion water.

1. Ensures removal of almost 100% of residual chlorine.

Chlorine disinfects the tap water. But there is also a threat that it may generate toxic substances like Trihalomethane, which is one of the carcinogens. Approximately 30%-90%of these toxic substances are absorbed by the body through the skin while taking a steam bath. The research in America shows that the quantity of toxic substances absorbed during 15 minute bath or shower is equivalent to drinking 1 liter of contaminated water. Further, the temperature of 40C, at which Chlorine is easily absorbed by the skin, is the most suitable water temperature for taking a bath! ANESPA -DX makes hot water suitable for baths by completely removing residual Chlorine and bacteria from the tap water using a purification system of the cartridge.


2. Contains a blend of natural Hot spring ingredients and minerals.

It gives a unique feeling of enjoying Radium Hot spring, generated by mineral ion water, which enhances the relaxation effects. The cartridge of ANESPA-DX contains only carefully selected ingredients that are good for the skin.


3. Chlorine is the greatest enemy of the skin.

When the skin absorbs it, it forms Chlorine oxides combining with fat, which leads to aging, de-pigmentation and freckles. A hot water bath with ANESPA-DX is suggested to the person who is conscious about their health, persons with sensitive skin and also for the babies.


4. Protects the glowing hair from Chlorine damage.

The residual Chlorine causes hair damage like loss of hair, spit ends or change of color. The main reason is that the hydrolyzed proteins combined with Chlorine and take away moisture from the hair. Further, residual Chlorine becomes more active in hot water and damages the hair. Mineral ion water generated from ANESPA-DX is most suitable for beautiful hair. Moreover, negative ions generated by Power stone are very effective for the healthy hair. You can try it for hair damaged because of perming and the dyeing of hair.


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